We're holding a draw!
Help us share the good news about our new level system

Contest Update: Contest has completed!

At exactly 5:00pm on Friday January 3rd, 2020, we compiled a list of everyone who had shared the linked Facebook and Instagram posts. From that list, we randomly selected our winner to be Andrea Nicole Manning, who shared the post on both Facebook and Instagram.

Congratulations, Andrea!

Thanks to everyone who participated.

In celebration of the introduction of our brand new level system next session, Whitby Gym & Circus is holding a draw!

We've posted the good news about our level system on Facebook and Instagram. Help us get the news out by sharing one or both of these posts, and you'll be entered into a draw to win 50% off the tuition fees of your child enrolled in the Winter 2020 recreational session.

What if I share both the Facebook and Instagram posts?

Then you double your chances of winning!

What if I've already paid my Winter 2020 tuition?

You're eligible to win! Share the news on Facebook or Instagram, and if you win you'll receive a 50% tuition credit or refund.

What if I'm not enrolled yet?

Now is the time to register—next session we're rolling out our brand new 20-stage level system designed to maximize our gymnasts' technical development while keeping the classes safe and fun. See which classes are available for your child. Share the news about our new level system and you could win 50% off your child's tuition when you register them in our Winter 2020 recreational session.

Contest details

On Friday January 3rd, 2020, we'll collect the names of everyone who shared the above linked Facebook post or the above linked Instagram post. From that list of names we'll randomly select one family who has at least one child enrolled in our Winter 2020 recreational session. That family will receive a credit or refund equal to 50% of their enrolled child's tuition. If the winning family has more than one child enrolled in the Winter 2020 recreational session, the refund or credit will be in the amount of 50% of the lowest tuition fee.

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