Our Level System
The coaching team at Whitby Gym & Circus is excited to announce the launch of our
Brand New Proprietary Level System

Over the past several years, we’ve had countless conversations with parents after classes and in the viewing area. Across those conversations, some common themes have emerged. It’s our understanding that parents at our club want their child to be taught the value of hard work and achievement; that they take the development of their child's gymnastics skills seriously; and that they want their children to stay safe, to remain focused, and to have fun while they do it.

Over the past year, the coaching staff at Whitby Gym & Circus have been working hand-in-hand with experts and thought leaders in the gymnastics community to develop a brand new proprietary level system using those three pieces of feedback as its pillars.

We’re proud and excited to announce the completion of our new level system and our transition to it starting in our Winter 2020 recreational session.

What is the new level system?

A gymnast doing a split handstand

The new level system is a 20-stage program designed by bonafide industry professionals specifically for our gym and equipment. It emphasizes the educational philosophy of fun, fitness, and the fundamentals of gymnastics.

Our gymnasts will begin this journey at the ages of 3–4 when they join our Jr. KinderGym class, and will work through a coherent and meaningful progression of skills as they grow.

Skills progress fluidly in the new level system—each level teaches all the prerequisites necessary to safely and successfully attempt the skills in the next level. The earliest levels focus on laying the foundation of the athletic abilities crucial for gymnastics, while the later levels give our experienced gymnasts the opportunity to explore advanced skill sets and push up against the boundaries of their comfort zones.

Why was the new level system developed?

A few of our competitive gymnasts

Our mission is to help each of our members rapidly and safely develop into the best gymnasts they can be. Our competitive athletes already follow modern, industry-tested gymnastics development programs. These development programs are lean and focused and very effective. Our vision over the next 5 years is to better bridge the space between our recreational and competitive programs, and it was this motivation that led to the development of our new level system.

Experts designed our new level system. They began with the philosophies employed by our competitive development programs, and translated the skills and progressions into a form that makes sense in the recreational environment. The result is a system in which our recreational gymnasts will be able to more rapidly learn many of the skills and routines our competitive athletes do while having fun and staying safe.

When are we transitioning to the new level system?

A gymnast cheering as she receives her report card

The new level system is launching next session, which is our Winter 2020 recreational session. Not registered yet? Take a look at the classes available next session.

Until now our gymnasts have been served well by the CanGym level system. When our current session ends in December 2019, your child will receive their CanGym report card highlighting all of their achievements this session along with any ribbons or medals they’ve earned.

Additionally, they’ll receive a passport to the new level system—a small document indicating which level they’ll be working on in our new system along with a brief explanation of how and why the old level correlates with the new level.

Ready to see your child thrive in our new level system?
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