Frequently Asked Questions
How do I dress my child for class?
Please dress your child in comfortable athletic style clothing. All clothing items must be free of any buttons, clips, zippers, strings, snaps, etc. As well, skirts, tutus, jeans, hoodies, or crop/bra tops are not permitted. Please ensure that your child comes to class dressed within our dress code to guarantee their full participation. Barefoot is best, however, socks are permitted if they have rubber grips on the bottom.
Do you offer trial classes?
We do not offer trial classes.
What is your refund policy?
We offer prorated refunds minus one week with written notice. Classes that have passed prior to written notice are not subject to refund. As well, the Gymnastics Ontario insurance fee is non-refundable.
What is the Gymnastics Ontario Insurance Fee?
As a registered Gymnastics Ontario member club, we are required to register all Gymnastics, Acro, and Ninja participants with an annual insurance policy. This policy provides each participant with a named insurance policy for accident and injury coverage while in our facility. The insurance fee is $35.00 plus HST and is non-refundable. The policy is valid from July to June of the following year. The insurance fee is applied to your file every year when you register after July 1st.
What is this additional charge on my account?
The fee of $35.00 plus HST is applied to every account. It is the annual insurance fee charged by Gymnastics Ontario.
I think my child might be ready for competitive. What do I do?
Fantastic! Send a request for an assessment to and we will work with you to book a time to check out your child’s current skill level.
What kind of things will my child be tested for in a competitive assessment?
We look at many things depending on the age and the experience of the athlete. Younger athletes will be assessed on traits including but not limited to their strength, flexibility, current skill sets, and their ability to listen and focus on instructions. Older athletes will be assessed solely on their strength, flexibility, current skill sets, ability to make corrections, and focus on instructions.
How long is a competitive assessment?
An assessment of a younger athlete takes approximately 30 minutes. An older athlete will take 30–45 minutes. Sometimes we may request that your child try an entire class.
What equipment will be used for the programs that you offer?
The Gymnastics program involves the use of Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor and Tumble Track. The Circus program involves the use of Aerial Silks, Hoop, Trapeze, and Tumble Track. The Ninja program involves structured freestyle movement using various apparatuses within the facility. Acro for Dancers uses Floor and Tumble Track.
What happens during Birthday Parties?
We will provide a structured warm up at the beginning of your child’s party, followed by structured lessons on the apparatuses you selected when choosing the party’s theme. After the lessons are complete, your coaches will facilitate an exciting game for the whole group. If you wish, you may arrange with your coaches to have a group photo organized as well.
How do I sign up for the Parent Portal?
In order to have a Parent Portal with us, you must be a currently or previously enrolled member with our club. You may not create a Parent Portal account to get a “head start” on your planned registration.
Can I make my payment in monthly installments?
No. All recreational classes must be paid in full at the time of your registration.
Do you offer make-up classes?
Unfortunately, this is not something that we can accommodate. Most of our classes are full, allowing extra children into a class for a make-up class disrupts the child to coach ratio, which affects program integrity and safety.
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